Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year Resolutions

Each and every year, millions of people make New Year Resolutions. I know this because in our world of information and technology, we hear and know everything. Most resolutons revolve around getting healthier, working out, and saving more. So, I introduce you to January. January is the busiest and best month in the gym businesses. It is not just a hype, because being a disciplined gym-o-holic, I have to wait in line to get a bench as I impatiently wait for my turn. This happens only in January. As the month progresses, the gym crowd seem to thin out, slowly at first, but accelerating as the days pile on. By February, it is only the regulars at the gym, whom I might say look like they survive on Steriods. Then, at the end of February or beginning of March, there is a spike in gym attendance. I think I know why this happens. Well, if you ever lived in the United States, you would know about this common trend.  Spring Break!  Yes, there is nothing like being young and unable to take off your shirt at any given moment in Southbeach or Acapulco to show off your six pack. And for the rest of us, we just want to take our shirts off to get that even tan.

How about eating healthy? I think I can continue on with the story or use the same story as working out. This is a nation where fast food is King, and people will order fat free burgers (if there was one) with a super size soda, just before driving to gym. If people have to walk more than a block to the gym, well, just get out the car and burn some gasoline. Not the calories though. Talking of super size, the super size soda in this country can serve a family of five back home in Bhutan.  It is really sad that a Nation of plenty is nothing but a nation of obesity and waste.

Savings? This is a sensitive issue, better addressed individually. Here is to hoping 2011 is a year of savings and wealth. And yes, sharing and charity. Please give to charity of your choice if you can. There is nothing more humane than the humility of giving. 

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