Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A world without makeup

[Disclosure: I am not trying to get anywhere with anything I am about to write...] 

I always imagine what a world without make up would look like?

I ran into someone at work this morning, a female, smelling like a can of perfume. Her short presence in the room made its mark, leaving behind a trail of scent anyone can easily trace it back to a certain someone. I don't have nose for perfume, unless used minimally. But surprisingly, there was no trace of make up on her, not even any noticeable lipstick.  So why an unholy amount of perfume on her?  

Now, I have come to accept that if I ever take public transportation, I know for a fact that soaps and deodorant are a necessity. It is not flattering to be packed like sardines inside a subway car and for a distinct b.o. to come wafting through the air in such a compact space. My, can that be unpleasant affair. However, I was surprised that there was someone who did a humane thing to conserve water and save the ozone layers, having intentionally chosen neither to shower, nor use deodorant. But to the rest of us, God saving, it was a headache inducing aroma. Fortunately, like everything else, it came to a much anticipated end, my stop.     

I hear men are wearing make up these days. So, how different would our world really be without make up? Just a thought... Compose

[...to be continued]

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